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Audio tracks to a BUS

Hi, another question, I know it's a common issue but maybe I'm doing something wrong...
I've got some tracks which I want to send to a BUS (e.g, several drum elements tracks: track for kick, track for snare...). Then I want to add the drums BUS to master, into the main mix.
So I define a drums BUS and I route every drum track to it.
Then, when I route the BUS to the master, I can't hear anything anymore.
Therefore I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong.
Someone could ask me: why are you routing the drums BUS to the master output? Because when I want to bounce all tracks (export tracks) I can choose just one output way, which is tipically the master bus and I'd like to have everything in my bounce: single tracks, buses, etc. So I think that everything should be routed to the main master output.

thank you!

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hi manu,

first, you may well select more than one audio output bus, while on the export dialog; you can select Master *and* Drums altogether and they will mix-down all the way through the exported file;

second, due to hard-coded internal processing flow (that is, you can't do anything about that, kinda feature, not-a-bug, sorry;)), making an aux-send insert on an audio output bus will only work *iif* the source bus is listed *before* the target one--so that it won't ever work if the target is "Master Out" which coincidentally happens to be the very first and top default one.


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Hi Rui
Thanks a lot. Everything is clear.
Actually, after writing this post I discovered the multiple-bus-selection when exporting tracks. The only problem is that there is not a db sum meter of all buses.. So the risk is to have a clipping bounce. So the solution could be using a peculiar meter plugin, routing all buses to it (Think about a complex mix with several buses: drum group, guitars and voices over dubbing, etc) . Or maybe, according to the buses workflow, I should create my buses and then at last "my own master bus", routing all previous buses to it, and choosing it as my main output bus

Hi manu,

I have the same need and so ended up using JAMin to "collect" the various buses I use (similar to your "peculiar meter plugin" idea), then route them back into Qtractor. It's something of a fudge but it does work. Please see this HowTo for details.

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Hi, I'll surely check the How-To . I'm using JAMin quite often and I tried it in several ways, including a routing-back into Qtractor, but your idea seems interesting. Do you switch on the JAMin "global bypass" until it's mastering time?

JAMin can be a bit resource-heavy so I mostly work within Qtractor, leaving myself lots of headroom, until around mastering. At that point, I launch JAMin, enable the inserts (I have a Qtractor template and QJackCtl Patchbay set up with the connections) and use it for final adjustments and exporting.

No idea if this is the "best" (or even a good) way of doing things, but it seems to work.

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