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Qtractor and NSM

Hello... first off, thanks for a great suite of software.

But I have a problem with Qtractor and NSM...

Whenever I create a new project via NSM, after saving and reloading, I get something like this:

"The following issues were detected:

/home/whoever/NSM Sessions/sessionpath/Qtractor.nMDNB/casio_ting-CZynthia-1-59d1ad62.mid: MIDI file not found.

Saving into another session file is highly recommended"

When I save into another session, I get sent to the directory of a different project.

I can usually find the missing files and load them through the right-hand window, and after doing this a few times it seems to stick.

But clearly I'm doing something wrong... Any ideas?

I'm running v0.9.4 via kxstudio repo, Mint 19, but I had the same problem with earlier versions too.


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What if you don't do it via NSM ? like saving to regular (out of NSM) session file (.qtr/.qtz) ?

And what is that .mid file actually about ? Is that (genuine and originally) of a different project or NSM session--don't ever do that please! at least across NSM sessions; it is alright to have them from anywhere else, but NEVER from another NSM project directory!


Outside of NSM everything works as expected.

The missing midi file is from the project, not elsewhere.

These are the exact steps I take:

- Fire up NSM
- Create new session
- Add Qtractor
- Create midi track, add a few random notes
- Save in the clip editor window and then in Qtractor main
- Save NSM session and close
- Reopen NSM session
- Qtractor doesn't find the midi file
- When prompted to save into new session, the file dialog opens in a different NSM session folder


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indeed the first created midi files get placed alright on the NSM session directory but sym-linked somewhere else... i guess on the last non-NSM directory used before.i'll see what

surely this needs further investigation are it probably is an old bug from when dreaded sym-linked was introduced while ago.

thanks for being so clear and patient in reporting this
i'll try to fix this asap.

::thumbs up::

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ok, i've been testing this a little further...

funny thing so far is that these midi clips only get lost if they are created on a brand new and empty NSM session... if you add the tracks, save, close and re-open the NSM session, even though the tracks are empty, the issue with any new clips missing later does not seem to happen anymore.

and it is not exclusive to midi, recorded audio files are missed too; however the files are not lost they are only linked in the qtractor session file (.qtr) by their sym-linked names that are (wrongly) stored in a different location, outside of the NSM session folder.

suspicion goes that this bug was lurking in there since v0.9.0, almost one year ago... yes, confirmed: the previous release v0.8.6 works fine in this regard.


[UPDATE:] Maybe fixed on qtractor- thanks.

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