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A feature request - show note names in the piano roll

Add an option that enables note names on top of notes, like this

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you already have tool-tips aka hovering bubbles... note names on the piano-roll would depend on zoom level anyway

maybe for later, another time :)


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indulged in qtractor >=

test && tell

huh, I thought you meant "maybe a year from now" when you said "maybe for later, another time", and then you post this. I like your attitude, mr. Capela C:
Unfortunately, I'm completely ignorant when it comes to all this Git stuff.

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for you to avoid delving into that "git stuff", if you're interested to try the daily/nightly snapshots in the form to some popular distros downloads, from my OBS repositories; or, if you're on some kind of Ubuntu (or Debian) you may prefer one of my Launchpad PPA's.


I'm interested in trying it, I didn't say I want to avoid it. For instance how do I install that version you've linked here? I don't use deb-based or rpm-based systems, so I guess installing from source is the only option.

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for the latest source from (almost) daily snapshots you can look at here.
or you can go with the "git stuff" and follow the instructions. remember to pre-install all the development packages required for a source build.

ps. if not deb nor rpm based then is it Arch? the OBS includes an Arch repository too.

if not deb nor rpm based then is it Arch?
no, Void
for the latest source from (almost) daily snapshots you can look at here.
That's great, didn't know about that page, thanks!

Some thoughts concerning the newly added note names option:
1. I see you made note names visible inside volume columns, that's interesting. However, when there's a chord, can you adjust column alignment in a way that permits all (or at least the maximum possible number of) chord's note names to be displayed, and not obscured by columns of other notes?
2. When a note is too short, its name text becomes hidden, perhaps its text should be less dependent on note's borders, so that it's fully shown even on top of really small notes.

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