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Audio export - wrong path / static path


Each time when exporting audio the export path is set to the directory of the extracted .qtz file. I'm using the .qtz format to save songs in general. But to me it doesn't make any sense to export a complete song into the project directory, so it's been saved inside the qtractor zip archive. I want to be able to set an export path persistent to a specific location (where I do store all my songs mixed to stereo) different to the directory of the extracted qtractor zip file.

How to achieve this?

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although you can set the export path-name to any other directory than the current or extracted session directory, the choice is not persistent across sessions, I know.

the export file-name that is initially suggested is always one new to be deployed to the current directory.

but still on the export dialog, the file-name drop-down do list a recent history of exported files, maybe you can use to your liking?

also note that any exported file will get saved or bundled in the archive/zip file (.qtz) unless you remove it explicitly from the timeline and/or from the Files pane.


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