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Qtractor source - Metronome function


I want to try to make a private addition to the Qtractor source.
In Qtractor main window there is the button to activate/deactivate the metronome.

Where to find the related functions/code to this button?


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for the audio metronome,
... pAudioEngine->isMetronome() ?
or, for the MIDI one,
... pMidiEngine->isMetronome() ?


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"otoh. you could just have klick running standalone, responding to JACK transport at large, I don't really see the need to hack the qtractor source to launching it inline, or am I missing the point?"

To run "klick" as standalone I would need either to run it by GUI GtkKlick, but this doesn't follow JACK transport and it doesn't seem to have any option to set it up to follow JACK transport. Also, if it could do, it would force me to enter the menu to run it each time I want to use the metronome. The other way would be to run "klick" by entering "klick -j -P" into a terminal. Both of this options is a waste of time on a long term use. Also I don't like to run programs by a terminal command, except for debugging, compiling, development etc.

Apart from a few tasks, using the terminal to run programs is the ugliest way for a good workflow. ;)

Having that one-liner added (which calls my script) makes me able to start/quit "klick" from within Qtractor's main window.

From my point of view and use of Qtractor it's just the best solution to have a good working metronome running in addition to Qtractor. No extra GUI on the desktop, no extra program in the task bar, no terminal running which would immediately close the program if the terminal was accidentally closed.


I'm not asking how to check if either audio metronome or midi metronome is active. I'm asking how to check, if the metronome option (the button for parameter transport/Metronome in config file) is active/de-active.

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... m_ui.transportMetroAction->isChecked() ?

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I tried 48000/128/2 but I get hundreds of XRUNS. I have setup my system for real-time priority above 90%. Even at 48000/512/2 I get lots of XRUNS. My computer is an AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core Processor. Maybe I should try Intel processors next time. On that AMD processor I couldn't even use CPU governor. In BIOS I set all processor related settings to full performance, so all threads are running at around 3900+ MHZ.

Don't know how to get a better performance and much less XRUNS out of this system using settings different to my 44100/1024/2 which gives me a latency of 46.4 ms.

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Yes, it's all pretty much setup like it's listed in the wiki.

I have AV Linux MX edition on a USB flash drive (for live use and testings only, as I don't like to run my OS being a USER - I'm running my own OS being ROOT). When I find some time, I will try to install Qtractor for one session and checking everything out. Since I have my own build of a very special GNU/Linux, it might cause some strange behavior compared to AV Linux?

We'll see...



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