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Qtractor source - Metronome function


I want to try to make a private addition to the Qtractor source.
In Qtractor main window there is the button to activate/deactivate the metronome.

Where to find the related functions/code to this button?


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for the UI part:


for the audio and MIDI metronomes resp. it follows from:

qtractorAudioEngine::setMetronome(bool) ...

may I ask whet kind of additions are you up to?


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In the early days I used Hydrogen for the Drums. In 2009/2011 I created Hydrogen drum kits from samples recorded of my huge Sonor Force 3007 drum kit. Last year I created a .sf2 sound file from that samples, so I'm using Hydrogen now for the metronome only. I want to get rid of the use of Hydrogen. So, by now I have added a small line (using command "system()") to the source code in function "transportMetro()", calling a script "qtractor_SwitchKlick". Within this script I'm switching program "klick" for the use of the metronome.

The script is either calling "klick -j -P" to enable the metronome, make it following JACK transport and auto-connect to JACK or calling "killall klick" to disable the metronome. Works good so far. The only problem by now is: when I'm accidentally exiting Qtractor with Metronome enabled, "klick" will run on disabling the Metronome and revert. But I can live with that for now.

Though, I got a warning when compiling about something unused (return value?) on the "system()" command. But it doesn't seem to have any negative effect.

Thanks a lot!!!

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why don't you just use the audio sample files for the bar/beats in View > Options... > Audio > Metronome?
would save you a lot of hassle, I suppose :)


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Like many others already mentioned overall in the web, the audio-metronome has lots of problems to stay synchronized during a song. I tried to use it, but it doesn't really satisfy, even though I'm using a real-time kernel 5.0.21-rt15. Without the real-time kernel it's really trouble and completely unusable.

That's why I kept using the MIDI-metronome. By now using "klick -j -P" works great so far. Also it's just a single line I have to add to the source code, it's no trouble for me to do so at each new compiling. The only thing I would like to know: how would I check (in C) if the option/metronome is active/de-active.

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what exactly are the problems you're facing with the audio metronome that requires a real-time kernel to mitigate ??


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It goes out of sync and it doesn't play the samples exactly to the beat. With real-time kernel it seems to be a little behind the beat.
I'm a drummer, I know when something goes out of sync or is not exactly on the beat. I played for years in bands playing to loops and programs like Ableton Live playing complex rhythms and sequences.

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does it drift? or is it just a fixed delay/latency to it that you can compensate with the audio metronome "latency" setting to account for the system and acoustic delay ?

of course, you can also take the "systemic" latency to a bearable low on the JACK side of settings, like the buffer-size set to a bearable minimum of at least 128 (frames/period) or can't you?


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My JACK settings is 44100 sample rate and 1024 frames/period with 2 buffers/period. When I'm changing any of these settings I'm getting lots of XRUNS. I tried 48000 sample rate, I tried also 2048 frames/period as well as 512 frames/period in different combinations. With my current settings I get XRUNS only one time directly after Qtractor started and is ready for a use.

To try to compensate by changing latency settings for the audio metronome would be much more hassle to me than to just add this one-liner to the source code. The "klick" metronome is good to hear/listen and very stable following the JACK transport.

On songs with long duration the audio metronome gets completely out of sync, so it drifts to be syncopated to the beat.

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with a barely tuned PREEMPT_RT kernel you ought to be running @48000/128/2 (or 3), no xruns, no sweat... and this is the minimum sane and (trust me) conservative system spec you should ever consider as a baseline on modern GNU/Linux... anything above that is, erm. yeah you get what I mean :)

otoh. you could just have klick running standalone, responding to JACK transport at large, I don't really see the need to hack the qtractor source to launching it inline, or am I missing the point?


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Ok, may I ask again:

How would I check inside the function "transportMetro()" if the option/metronome is active/de-active?


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