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Why so big?


Qtractor is much bigger (app. 1MB) than previous version
...also the plugin-scan library is bigger as well...

What's the difference?


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the current qtractor executable binary (release, non debug build) should be ~4.2MiB when deployed; the qtractor_plugin_scan should be around ~55KiB...

these are figures that more or less slightly have been the same for quite some time, since one year ago at least (when VST3 support was introduced)...

what exactly is what you're complaining about? :)


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I'm just curious about the difference in size, suspecting that I might have done something wrong when compiling
As I'm pretty sure this difference won't be caused by the one-liner I added to qtractorMainForm::transportMetro.
5MB vs. 4MB and 75KB vs. 55KB.

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