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Feature request: Mixer Hightlight On Audio Inputs and Outputs


I just realized how nice it would be if the input and output audio tracks were highlighted in the same way the MIDI track is. A typical use case would be something like:

I'm looking to add an Aux Insert to a particular bus that is associated with a MIDI track I am focused on in the Arranger window
I click F9 to open the mixer
I forget what bus I'm interested in
Look back at the arranger
Back to mixer
Eventually I find the right output and get things going

All the best!

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I'm afraid to not grasping you fully, please bear with me....

last time I've checked, Aux Send Inserts do show the destination output bus name on its label, both on the Mixer and the main Tracks list (plugins chain box)...

maybe I'm dumbly missing the point here... can you please rephrase what exactly are you asking here, please?



As you will see in the screenshots, I've got track 9 selected in arranger (set to output to a bus I've named "NM2"). When I open the mixer, that track is correctly highlighted in the mixer's MIDI section but not in the corresponding audio input or output strips. I probably should have used the word "strips" in my initial post.

By the way, while I'm here talking about the mixer, it would also be nice to have the option to just hide (in some way) a particular set of strips. I myself, never find myself "mixing" via the MIDI strips so they just sit there taking up space. Perhaps I haven't fully explored what may be possible in terms of the mixer itself but I've learned to almost fear the interface as every time I've moved things around in the past, I've had a hell of a time getting things to line up and/or reattach again. Just thought I'd mention this essential piece of the awesomeness that is qtractor could stand a little love.

All the best

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so you're not using Aux Sens after all... my confusion.

now I see what mean, I guess and no buses strips get highlighted in the Mixer whatsoever and that's a permanent fact :) Mixer bus strips were never highlighted (and probably never will, sorry again:)) so you seem to have it all working as designed! (long ago;))

however, if you wish to check onto what exactly are your tracks connected, you can look into the menu Track > Inputs or Outputs: it oppens the Connections window to the respective (input or output) bus to where the track is connected from or to externally.


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