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Extra space in exported audio clip


I've noticed a small timing issue when creating stems. There seems to be a bit of delay added to the actual audio data. Here's some information about my setup and the workflow I use to create these stems as well as a screenshoot showing the delayed audio (bottom) against the actual MIDI event (top).

Track Mixdown
* Type: Audio
* Input: Master
* Outout: MixDown (a bus I've created)
* Gain: -70db

For any MIDI track I want to record, I proceed as follows:
1. Enable Record on MixDown track
2. Solo MIDI track
3. Enable Transport Record
4. Rewind to beginning of song
5. Play

Once the solo'd track is recorded in full, I then export the audio clip by using Clip/Export

While this workflow is extremely tedious, it's something I can live with but the resulting audio does appear to always be just a little late. Is this related perhaps to latency or is there something I'm missing?

Thanks in advance

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yes, of course the're this round-trip latency delay when bouncing from MixDown output bus back into the Master input...

you may adjust it manually though, in the audio clip offset properties dialog, but I believe the best approach to all this is using Track > Export Tracks > Audio... and select the MixDown output bus only; also you may opt to the add the resulting stem as a new audio track cf. Add new tracks(s).

hth. cheers

I don't understand at all and wonder if the work flow I've described above is clearly understood? I'm not sending anything back into the Master input

The "mixdown" workflow I've described previously simply records the output of my solo'd MIDI track into the new audo track that uses Master as input.

Once I have recorded to the Mixdown track, what would be the benefit of exporting it over simply exporting the clip?

I'm getting the sense this track/export/audio mixdown workflow you're talking about largely assumes qtractor is being used in an isolated fashion?

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re. talking about largely assumes qtractor is being used in an isolated fashion?

oh yes, I was talking about the case when you have a synth plugin inserted on a MIDI track, and thus you may render/export the stem/track in a faster than real-time fashion (ie. not bouncing), sorry

if your instruments are external to qtractor, than I'm sorry again to tell that you'll have to deal with the so called round-trip latency delay, which is obviously the cause for the issue in question.


Ah ok, this is fine as it appears to be a consistent delay which, once I am able to determine, I can work around. Thank you for the confirmation.

All the best

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