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Midi controler bank select messages

Hello ! I'm quite new to Qtractor, I am developping a little softwre in Python to control Qtractor with the Akai APC40 MkII control surface.
The control surface have 4 buttons to select bank or patch for the current track.
When I change the bank/patch of a track in Qtractor, I see that the midi messages cc 0, cc 32 and pc are sended back to the control midi channel but when I send the same messages from the midi control channel to Qtractor the bank/patch is not changing in Qtractor.
Anybody can tell me if this feature supported ?
Thanks a lot for your help !

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yes it is not changing the MIDI track properties when you send MIDI channel bank_select+program_change messages into qtractor: it's all working as is intended, long time ago (15y+).

MIDI track properties are not subject to respond to live MIDI controller input--they are kinda static and can only be set through the UI or initially through MIDI file input on import new tracks or clips.



Thank you very much for the answer, so I'll use it for something else ! if you have any Idea :-)
I have also another question and that's it for today ;-) : I there any way to control the Tempo (by midi cc or shortcut, at the global level or the clip level) ?

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externally you can only set tempo (BPM) with:
a) MIDI Clock input;
b) Slave to a JACK transport/timebase master...

I guess you're after option a) in which case the APC might be configured to send MIDI Clock beats (cf. View > Options... > MIDI > Control > MIDI Clock = Input or Duplex).


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