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Default zoom of Piano Roll

Hello again

I just realized something about how the Piano Roll is presented and wonder if there is any way to control the default zoom size. In the attached image, I've double clicked the purple clip in order to begin my work inside the Piano Roll. As we can see, the zoom is.... not quite optimal. I tend to get around it by adjusting the zoom with my mouse wheel but it seems to me the default behavior should be for the clip to take up 100% of the usable horizon (rather than the roughly 40% as shown).


P.S. I happen to be running i3 which is why each window is tiled.

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I figured I'd show an example of what I'd expect to see in terms of a zoomed Piano Roll when opening a clip. Please see attached.

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zoom level are saved on a per clip basis, you just have to save the session

although it doesn't get the dirty flag immediately you may rest assured that the last zoom state is restored as it were when you happen to save and open the session back later

also, the last zoom level becomes the the new default afterwards, as long it closes or exits gracefully

hopefully :)

I think I knew this at one point in my life.

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