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Tempo map bug?

I'm having this weird issue where the tempo changes to the initial tempo on reload. For example, I have two tempos: first at 125, and later at 100. This works, unless I reload. Then 100 becomes 125. The strange thing is that the xml still shows 100. I also checked the MIDI tracks, and I don't see tempo changes. I can't tell if I'm overlooking something or if this is a bug. (I've also tried rebooting.) Thoughts or ideas? screenshot attached.

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please try switching Transport > Mode to None or Master (never Full or Slave)...

also, if you're under PipeWire you're here strongly advised you MUST definitely do that, as its JACK-transport/timebase implementation is still not on par to the trusty reliability you have with genuine JACK ;)


Hi - Yes, that does help. The tempo doesn't change now. I've never, ever touched Transport mode before. I also had a few projects that had tempo changes that weren't impacted. I didn't even think about the association (probably because I don't know enough about it.) It's probably because... like you've guessed... I'm on PipeWire now. Thank you!

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