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Open Plugin Editor

I'm making a sort of portable daw with raspberry pi.
QTractor seems to be the best fit for sequencer (+patchbay,+plugin host + all other stuff), since it fits in a 5inch touchscreen.
Everything works great, except for the plugin editor. Since i cant right click (even though i could maybe work around this the plugin name is really small on the track) a keyboard shortcut would be great. Is there a keyboard shortcut for the plugin editor when the plugin is selected? Or maybe a way to call the plugin right click menu?
Otherwise Qtractor works very nicely in my setup, other daw's interfaces are unusable for such a small screen.

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hi, so sorry but, fact is, there is no "keyboard shortcut for the plugin editor when the plugin is selected",
I think you have to navigate it all through, even while on the (usual?) desktop :/

ps. maybe I'm missing something, will you help me find what?

Thank you for the reply!
I read the manual and didn't see any way to do it, except with a double or right click, but wanted to double check.
Its clear now that i have two options: imitate right click on my raspberry setup or use a simple external plugin host with QTractor.
Thanks for clearing that up!

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