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Metronome sounds

The last time I was in need of some metronome sounds to use with qtractor I failed to find any so I made some myself, zipped 'em up and uploaded them as an attachment to a qtractor feature request ticket thinking they'd be safe there even if Rui didn't choose to include them with the app. For whatever reason he never did decide to bundle them and then recently all my precious feature requests and hard-thought nags including my metronome sounds got washed away with the advent of the new bug tracker and it seems I don't have a copy elsewhere so I was back to metronome sound square one. This time though I had more luck with my search and I discovered a nice collection of ready-made metronome sounds over on the REAPER forums so I wanted to share my discovery with other qtractor users in need of audio metronome sounds.

I'm quite happy with the Seiko SQ50 samples attached to the third post in that thread but theres plenty more to choose from there if you don't like that.

Package icon metro_mine.zip22.18 KB
Package icon metro_frank.zip18.63 KB
Package icon metro_dan.zip10.98 KB
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hi dan¸

yes i'm not that found to bundle metronome audio click sample files in the source tree just because anyone is free to set their own and most probably ones favorite is plain nonsense to some others. yeah, subjective matters. :)

anyway, i took the chance and zip a few of samples i think were attached in the old feature request tracker, now defunct. you maybe can recognize that do contain the couple that you have contributed back then.

also from the lost&found files dept.: is the couple as suggested by Frank Neuman (aka. AudioFranky) in the same vein as yours and are the ones i usually use on myself.


Nice to see my metronome sounds weren't irrecoverably lost in the void so thanks for posting them again here Rui!

Thank you VERY much!!!

dan: Nice samples :)

rncbc: Can we get these bundled with qTractor and set to be used as default? It's confusing to new users when they enable the metronome, hear no sound, then have go in search of metronome sound samples themselves.

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hi, there's a new pair of metronome sounds on the block:
in (see attachments above):

  • Metronom Claves.wav (bar)
  • Metronom Taktell Junior.wav (beat)

the files are hereby in public domain, contributed by Christoph Eckert, thanks.



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as of today (qtractor >= a couple of audio metronome sample files are now provided by default.

better late than never :)

I can not believe it. :O Thank you!!!

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