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no, no plans at all, as in reality it does not make much sense.

qsampler is a client front-end to the linuxsampler server; you may use qsampler, or any other client front-end (eg. jsampler/fantasia), to setup and configure linuxsampler channels that are managed by the server, which might well be interfaces to one or more linuxsampler LV2 (or DSSI) plugin instances that are primarily inserted on a LV2 (or DSSI) plugin host (eg. qtractor).

nb. linuxsampler already provides its own forms of LV2 and DSSI plugin forms. however thse plugins don't show up any (G)UI of their own, relying on existing client front-ends to take that role--there's where qsampler enters into the scene.

there's also at least one other option which is Carla: among a whole lot of other amenities, Carla does embed the linuxsampler engine, ie. it does NOT rely on the genuine client/server architecture of linuxsampler, so that you'll have no use to qsampler whatsoever.