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hi IanB, one hell of a question you got there :) i'm afraid i can't really answer whether in full or in part, but I can try.

First you probably have to distinguish or separate your problems there:

a. is it your problem to come up with a Qt/widgets application in the first place?
b. or is it that you don't figure how to program/interface/integrate the audio/soundcard/pcm device into a Qt/C++ application?
c. all of the above but those should be separate problems anyway.

To solve problem a. looking at Qtractor is not going to help you much just because it's a horrendous bloat of code, most of it highly specific to its own purposes (an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer, remember?). You should have picked from the plenty of Qt examples, to begin with.

To approach b. you'll have to come up with a call on whether you wish to rely on JACK or ALSA or whatever. I'd recommend you to RtAudio for a start. It's kinda cross-platform enough so you don't have to learn the hell of specifics to JACK, ALSA, Windows WASAPI, OSX CoreAudio, etc.