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The template file exists and is readable and the complete path is also there. The other tabs of the option window (Audio, Midi, Display, Plugins) aren't working too.
At first, it seems that I can change all things in all tabs of the "options dialog window", because I can switch/choose all options - but I cannot confirm the new settings with the "OK" button. The only button that works down there is the "Cancel" button. But - surprisingly - this will not store my wished settings ;-)
The color of the "OK" button down there looks like a disabled function (a faded grey in grey).
Other items from the main menu are working well: I can open and save files by "" and I can use the arranger window, the piano-roll-editor, the export functions, etc
Linux Manjaro has an Xfce-Desktop and I installed Qtractor by Manjaro's application manager (unfortunately, it installed qtractor in german instead of english).