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Forbidden pan

Hi everyone!
Could you please list me all the known cases in which pan (in mixer window) is disabled?

I created 12 tracks. Each one has a specific Bus for input. Since each Bus is a channel in my audio board, every Bus is set to 1 channel.

Then I armed and I recorded on 8 tracks. For these tracks, pan is disabled and I can't get to enable it

Thank you! Have a nice day

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hello? output buses that are set to one (mono) channel, panning or better said, stereo balance, makes no sense at all--that's why it's disabled :)
am i missing something obvious?

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... and then, never mind :)
The behaviour is due to the setting of a mono channel as output bus, as you said.
I didn't realize about that, since I was assuming having set a mono bus as input and the master bus as output.
I was wrong :)

sorry about that

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