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what older setup? as far as I'm concerned all the things in the LMP video may still apply.

if what you want is only have a separate "wet" output then just create an audio output bus where you insert your compressor fx plugin; then insert an aux-send on the track (or bus) you have the source audio content and want to route also to the "wet" bus.

if what you want is to have "sidechain compression" like in the LMP video, remember that it uses the Ducka plugin which takes MIDI for the sidechain command signal and not an audio one like the Calf compressor plugin I think do.

For the latter case, well... it's complicated! :) As you might know from other threads here, is waaay too complicated to explain :)

my stance is still the same: qtractor support for side-chaining scenarios is very, very limited, if not non-existent. sorry.