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Can Qtracktor Sidechain with LV2 or VST Plugins

i was wondering can qtracktor sidechain with lv2 or vst plugins, I'm not sure if it is able to do this, and lets say i was running vst plugin inside tractor would these work.

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yes, i think so. reading from a couple of tutorials on the intertubes :)

  • Sidechaining in Qtractor using Ducka
  • Tiny Tutorial: Sidechain Compression in Qtractor
  • hth.

    ps. may i add that sidechaining, in my very own opinion, it's just an interesting trick to disguise a fix-in-the-mix over an already mastered sampled sound track? if you have access to the raw, recorded material, say real instrument stems, you probably won't ever need to use this technique or contraption ever. but that's maybe just me saying ;)

    oh ic, well i have a plugin that helps write volume automation to my tracks so i would like to be able to do that, although it is a VST plugin so i would hope that it works, plus theres other creative and technical uses for it as well even when you do have stems,

    is there a easier way to sidechain, seems like a complex situation but usable.

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    is there a easier way to sidechain, seems like a complex situation but usable.

    it's complicated, i know. but you asked if it's possible and i believe it is so. even though i ain't a big fan of the technique in general, let alone in qtractor's particular case which, by internal design, is not very well suited for that purpose. you're better off cooking some native track automation than dwelling with some sidechain spaghetti :)


    Just fyi, back in the day, sidechaining was often used when compressing the bass guitar. The bass drum signal was fed into the side chain input to make the bass drum "punch through" the bass guitar signal without overloading the low frequencies. I didn't have the analog mixing capacities to do it back then, but it is something I hope to explore mixing in the digital realm. Once I get beyond being a noob, I'll report back on how it works.

    Thanks, open source is awesome!

    FYI, I managed to get side-chain compression working as per this thread but, as the thread states, was unable to export directly with that set-up. If you don't mind bouncing your compressed (or whatever) track to another track before final export it should work.

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