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Wow....That's a really cool way to visualize. Thanks you. 😇

CMakeLists.txt | Code Line 181

option (CONFIG_GRADIENT "Enable gradient eye-candy (default=yes)" 1)
I could disabled gradients by setting it to 0. And I compile qtractor.
It will effect Shadow of Sequencer Window, Midi Editor Shadow, Piano Roll, Track List on.

Example Midi Note

Midi Note Border
But Uhm....
I would like to be able to theme other parts which is inside C++ files.
Mostly, the border (or shadow?) of MIDI notes and MIDI Note Name Font.
Currently, the Midi Notes have some kind of border (or shadow) around it.
It's kinda offset to the left (or x?) and bottom.
Right side is bigger than left size ( if we think of it like a border ).
Personally, I don't like it. I perfer solid rectangle or solid rect with border 1px, equal on all 4 sides.
And...Midi Note Names are still small even if I zoom in.

And I'd to be able theme the background of the Effects in Mixer as well as in TrackList.

I've been messing source code and make change here and there.
I could change some hardcoded color to use color palette.
But not everything I wish I could.

I could change the slider to more compact form tho.
I copied some QSS from stackoverflow.

So....I'm kinda....lost...

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