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I don't know what do I talk to G3N. 😄
Icons....ahh...I made it on the fly while I'm doing mockup.
I've never done UI design work before qtractor tho. I'm just messing around like a kid.
It's pretty fun! 😃 So...uhmm...idk...
And the Git and branches things...I don't know about it either. 😁
Programmer stuffs.

Lollipops...I feels neutral on it. I neither like it nor don't like it. Bars are also good.
But that slight shadow on MIDI notes...Oh..god...It's really hard for me to snap notes to grid.
My brain is it on the grid it slightly off the grid...I can't decide.
I've to zoom in a lot just to make sure the note was snapped to the grid.

I understand you love MIDI Note Shadow. It's just me...having hard time. 😄
But flat note will help (at last me) to see it better. I should check my eyes.
I think my eyes have problems. Because I can't also use Dark Mode. Especially high contrast Dark mode.
I admire people who can use Dark Mode without problem.
I really like Dark Mode but my eyes are not ok with that.

And the MIDI Note Names...
I'm really suck at music. I can't even make chords.
So I really really need to see the name of the notes.
But the font...small....uhhh....

By the way, I'm not a Logic Pro fans or user or anything.
I watched a few videos about Music Theory a week ago...
So...No DAW in my life before. In fact, I hate Apple.

I'm glad you liked range color strip. Orange-Yellow is also not my best choise.
Color are hardcoded. Something like Qt:red. So I googled it. I found a few color I can replace. So I replaced it it.
I wish I could use HEX color but I don't know how to.

That is for now.
Have a nice day! 😊