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re. not really. that color changing was there before, but now consistent with (new) preset (re)loading.
i meant about the differences compared to previous first announcement (aka. 1st comig, get it?). the parameter color changing (yellow background) was there before; the biggest difference i was referring to was all about the new addition of a DCF Envelope amount control / knob. that was it :)

re. [samplv1 DCA Attack/Release] not working; sound doesn't change...
i may be missing what really isn't working. the Attack parameter on all envelope generators only takes effect on voicing onsets, that is when you press down a key (aka. note-on events); if you change the attack time somehow then it will only have noticeable effect on the next time you play a note / voice, unless the generator is still currently running on the "attack" phase of any current playing voice / note--all that to say that i'm failing to reproduce the issue by following your precise instructions. maybe it gets only evident with some kind of samples? could that be true?

re. included effects aren't that state-of-the-art anyway. [chorus, flanger effects with] fixed delay time.
you seem to be plain right. i'll give it another go and look during this next weekend. thanks for spotting this, nevertheless.

re. key velocity (and channel pressure) [affecting DCA and DCF] possibility to turn it down or off.
those are somewhat provided by the DCF Envelope and DCA Volume control knobs respectively; adding another separate and independent controls just for keyboard velocity is, IMO, overkill. but thanks anyway for pointing that out. your proposal has been noted :)