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hi, thanks

re.- "Master Edit Mode"
maybe. yes, it's possible. though, probably only as a custome (G)UI operation mode eg. changing a knob value while pressing shift?

re. "Bulk Load"
not quite a most desirable feature... maybe some external scripting should be an alternative, listing and parsing a file-system directory, producing a custom preset file (*.drumkv1), which is in a straightforward text/xml format. see below an example of a template (placeholders in italic):

<!DOCTYPE drumkv1>
<preset name="preset_name">
  <element index="0">
   <sample index="0" name="GEN1_SAMPLE">audio_file_sample_0.wav</sample>
  <element index="1">
   <sample index="0" name="GEN1_SAMPLE">audio_file_sample_1.wav</sample>
  . . .
  <element index="127">
   <sample index="0" name="GEN1_SAMPLE">audiofile_sample_127.wav</sample>