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Track0 and Track1

Under View/Windows/Files i can see several clips that are used in the composition.
In the Files Winow, when i click on a mid file i see Track0 and Track1.
Clicking on those i see that here Track1 selects this Clip while clicking on Track0 deselects this Clip.
Is there any other purpose for these Track0 and Track1 entries? Or are they just meant to reflect the visual presentations of a Clip(, ie. slected or not selected)?

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these are standard MIDI file format 1 tracks (MTrk signature).

usually, and by convention, track 0 holds meta-data eg. track name, tempo and time-signature changes, location markers, text lyrics, etc. while all other file tracks numbered 1+ shall have performance-data eg. MIDI channel events, notes and controllers, etc. and are indeed the contents of (one or more) MIDI clips in a qtractor MIDI track.

do not confuse MIDI tracks in qtractor with MIDI tracks on a SMF1 (standard MIDI file format 1). never mind both are called "tracks"--they are not the same and the numbering don't tell you nothing about that.


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