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Got that Swing?

Oh Sunday, boring Sunday... :o) Well, swing-quantize has just sneaked in the SVN trunk (qtractor- You can bear this from MIDI clip editor's (aka piano-roll) Tools/Quantize... menu.

Basically, the way I've implemented it, is kind of a deformed grid quantization, which distorts even numbered (beat, quarter-note, seminima, whatever) divisions by a given percentage, something that can pictured as follows....

Having this sample sequence loaded on a MIDI track as a single clip, selecting some events for the show:

Swing-quantize (selection)

Going into Tools/Quantize... dialog and check Swing to Beat, 33 % and Linear, we'll probably end with something like this:

Swing-quantize (Beat, 33%, Linear)

Neat uh? Now undo and try again with that Quadratic type instead. That's it:

Swing-quantize (Beat, 33%, Quadratic)

Undo again and make it feel, uh, extreme, like this:

Swing-quantize (Beat, 33%, Cubic)

Got that? It was just the Cubic swing type. Or so I call it that way, pretty geeky isn't it?

Now, I'll ask to whom it might be curious enough to test this way long overdue feature and tell whether there any critical opinions, or else ;)

Test && Tell

P.S. Which is correct form of spelling: is it quantize or is it quantise, uh?

File testswing1-Track_1-1.mid714 bytes


For an Englishman it's quantise, those on the other side of the pond prefer quantize....

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