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Can't get QjackCtl to register key presses

Hi! I just realize that QmidiCtl has been oh-so-discretly ported to android (the phone OS that we are all basically forced to use, no choice, get in line and shut up) which is a fantastic news, considering.

I launched both QjackCtl & QmidiNet on my desktop, and QmidiCtl on my phone, and I can clearly see the output of my QmidiCtl button presses in the terminal:

ALSA MIDI Out Port 0: 0x82 SysEx { f0 7f 7f 06 02 f7 }
JACK MIDI Out Port 0: 0xf0 0x7f 0x7f 0x06 0x02 0xf7
ALSA MIDI Out Port 0: 0x82 SysEx { f0 7f 7f 06 09 f7 }
JACK MIDI Out Port 0: 0xf0 0x7f 0x7f 0x06 0x09 0xf7

but I fail to get QjackCtl (or any other app) to register the changes..? I remember it working out-of-the-box..? Mm wait, no, I seem to remember that a teeny bit of "network" config (at the time - the Nokia N900 days - I was using a different distro & DE altogether) were necessary... Can you guess what it is?

Also, just so you know, QjackCtl & QmidiNet tray icons stopped showing up under i3wm (I checked under Unity, they're both here allright) it's probably not Qt's fault, but then again.

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hi yPhil,

What do you mean by "registering changes" ? probably qjackctl isn't, never was, supposed to make that call...

qmidictl sends raw MIDI over the ethernet--that's all it does--it doesn't send keys of whatever; on its turn qmidinet translates that into ALSA-MIDI and/or JACK-MIDI--it doesn't read keys or whatever else but raw MIDI (OTA or over the wire) let alone talking to qjackctl which just doesn't tap on any traffic flow whatsoever... what really are you talking about?

care to elaborate?


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> hi yPhil,

Hi Rui Nuno!

> care to elaborate?

When I press play, I can't hear the music :)

Obviously I failed miserably at this attempt to explain myself and provide the maximum information to minimize the reply work :) I just want QjackCTL to reg... Ok, "respond to key presses" if you will (BTW that's what I mean by "register changes") but I'm not sure how to say it... How about: it used to work, and now it doesn't?

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when you hit "Play" on qmidictl it sends a MMC PLAY command message (by default; in the form of a SysEx message) into the ethernet (aired or wired), which is or should get caught by qmidinet somewhere on your local network; qmidinet in turn is responsible to translate and mirror the raw MIDI command into ALSA-MIDI and/or JACK-MIDI on the receiving machine where qmidinet is up and listening (ie. running).

now, to get this MMC PLAY command realized (or executed if you prefer); you need to connect the precise qmidinet port to some application that do understand and reacts to MMC as accordingly--Qtractor and Ardour are probably the few that I believe does it OOTB. YMMV :)

I still fail to understand why and what qjackctl has to do here, besides helping you connecting the ports from qmidinet to qtractor or ardour, as usual.


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Ah, now I remember! One has to *connect* the QmidiNet MIDI/ALSA output to the right system-Midi playbak input for it to work! I'd do a tutorial for if only I could log in :|

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