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Virtual computer keyboard

Hi all,

am I missing something or is there really no possibility of using the computer keyboard as input for midi notes in midi clip editor? something like vkeybd or jack keyboard. LMMS has this functionality built in the its midi editor so midi notes can be recorded "live" without real midi keyboard.

Thanks for clarifying.


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no, you're not missing anything: there is no such thing in the MIDI clip editor, and never was.
yes, you'll have to use vkeybd or any other MIDI keyboard controller, either virtual or not :)


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oh, i see.
unfortunately I didn't manage to find a way to connect vkeybd in qjackctl to enter data in the MIDI clip editor. do you have any hints or tips to do that?


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simply put, you must connect vkeybd (or any other midi controller) to a MIDI input bus which in turn is assigned as input to the MIDI track that holds the clip you have in editor.

that's the way of qtractor as ever was...

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