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Session management

Hi everybody,

I would like to learn about sessions in QJackCtl.
My first case of use would be as follow:

Midi Keyboard (usb) -> Qsynth

I am able to connect all manually without problem but some automation for this (and other cases) would be welcome (just leveling up).
I can see that Qsynth appears in client/port section but fluidsynth and the midi keyboard doesn't so I am kind of lost there.

Any feedback or link would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

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Maybe first you need to understand and know how to connect the devices together...

- your MIDI keyboard ports should appear as a client/port on the left side of the Connections > ALSA tab;
- FluidSynth(Qsynth) MIDI input ports should appear on right pane;
- select either side and hit [Connect] button, so that the MIDI connection is then established;
- you take similar steps for connecting the Qsynth JACK audio outputs to your sound-device speakers output (system client/ports) on the Connections > Audio tab;

Now that you have all connections made right and working as it should, you should realize that JACK Session Management (the [Session] button in QjackCtl front panel) only deals with JACK application client/ports, exclusively! that meaning it won't deal with ALSA MIDI whatsoever...

There's where the ages older [Patchbay] comes to the rescue in QjackCtl:
- with all working as desired, hit [New...] and answer Yes to the snapshopt question;
- you may [Save...] now, with a file-name and location to your choice;
- hit [Activate] and you're all set!

From the moment you have this patchbay definition activated, every time you launch Qsynth, all the connections will be made auto-magically for you, as long QjackCtl is also running, of course.

For further information, please have a read on QjackCtl and the Patchbay.


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