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microphone not recording

hi, new guy here. ohiogosaimasu everybody!

i've got a mic plugged into and working in my debian computer. i recorded a bit in audacity, so i know it's going in. i've got 'system' hooked into 'qtractor' in my audio connections. i arm an audio track to record, hit the record button, and hit play. recording starts, but it just puts in a blank clip.

thanks for your help :->

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please, make sure your microphone is defined as your JACK input (capture) device; if you have pulseaudio going on there then you probably have to tweak in your system sound settings as well eg. making the microphone to the pulseaudio's JACK module sink, whatever...

cheers && welcome

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thx rncbc! i changed the jack capture device. however pulseaudio seemed to be superfluous so i uninstalled it, but now every time i start a session, after a little while the output goes off. should i set the output in jack to something other than default?

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please set your JACK interface device the same for input _and_ output (ie. Interface); unless you are one experienced JACK user and if the microphone you're dealing is not on the default (possibly internal) device, then you'll have to grab a cup of coffee and delve into the _infamous_ JACK idiosyncrasies on dealing the "Advanced" JACK settings area and sure it won't work right OOTB anytime... again, unless you're very lucky to nail it in the first couple of trials ;)


ps. oh you say you uninstalled pulseaudio... and now soud is going off after a while... anything you're doing at the moment it goes off ?

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before i get to the meat of setting up jack ins and outs, the problem with the sound going off is almost immediate now, upon opening qtractor session and hydrogen. either one by themselves, the sound seems to stay on.

i have returned the ins and outs in jack to default.

edit: could it be an xrun issue or an issue that happens because of something that happens during xruns or the like? it didn't show xruns when the phenomenon previously happened, but maybe they were too small to be shown.

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could it be an xrun issue? just now it happened and qtractor was only open by itself. there were no xruns shown before but maybe they were just too small to be shown.

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yes, it could but it can be even worse than that: the JACK/ALSA configuration might be just far from ideal when regarding the hardware device at hand: TL;DR: you may have it wrong or bad configured...

what are you using to setup JACK? is it cadence? is it qjackctl? which JACK version? yes, there are too many ways and variables that might go wrong in there and only one another that yet goes just right...


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hmm. so i un-reinstalled qjackctl and the problem is gone for now. i had unplugged the mic. i don't really need the mic for what i'm doing and my time with this system is short. so it looks like i will be keeping this as is for now. the only annoying this is that the midi perc (hydrogen) track seems to sputter/stutter: it goes silent for a bit then spits all the notes out at once and continues on in rhythm. i think i can get a good bounce though, if i leave things alone and mute other tracks during the bounce. i did it before. anyways thank you!

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