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Mute Synth Plugin When Playing Keyboard

Hello -

I have a MIDI track with the synthv1 plugin. It goes to its own bus (not Master Out). I'm using my MIDI keyboard as a controller via this track.

When I mute the MIDI track and press play, no audio is heard from the MIDI clip. This is good and expected.

However, with the MIDI track still muted, I can hear the synth through the Master Out bus whenever I press keys on my keyboard.

Is there a way to mute the synth from the Master Out, without lowering the Master Out gain?


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all is working as designed ;)

[M]ute applies only to the track's playback, not to auto-monitored material.


Thank you. So, is there any way to mute the synth in the way I described?

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one possibility is try turning off Track > Auto Monitor; or move away from having the MIDI track as current or highlighted...


I wasn't able to get the desired outcome with the turning off Auto Monitor, but... I did figure out a workaround. I just listen to the synth as I record the control input. However, after the MIDI data is recorded, I bounce the new bus only into a new audio track. Then, I mute the original MIDI track. Since the bounced file does not have the synth playing from Master Out, it goes into the final mixdown. If I need to make edits, I edit the MIDI file and then rebounce. Thanks for the tips!

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