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qtractor pitch bend

HI, I'm trying to migrate to linux for preparing a show and performing live. It's been a time consuming process going through all the daw's to find out if they are suitable. Right now I'm working with qtractor which I was starting to think would work out until this hiccup. Qtractor is ignoring pitch bends in midi tracks. I have no idea how to fix this or why it is happening. I've tested other software under linux with the same midi file and the same plugin, and it works. I was really hoping qtractor would work out because it is possible to save complete track setting from one project to another giving my backup "band" consistency from song to song. Please help!!! thank, Robb

PS using qtractor 0.9.114 appimage on mint that is setup for audio.

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hi, I'm sure qtractor does not such thing: it doesn't ignore MIDI pitch-bend whatsoever.

how and why are having that perception? what is that plugin and how is it inserted on your case?


Hi, the plugin is fluidsynth. I guess I could send you a screen capture of the track. The midi file does indeed have pitch bend can open the midi editor in qtractor and see the data. It just doesn't apply it when you play it back.

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fluidsynth per se is not a plugin but a standalone command-line soft-synth... it might be very possible that it's the soundfont (*.sf2) that it's being loaded that doesn't actually recognize MIDI channel pitch-bend messages...

if they are in the MIDI file then for sure qtractor does send them to fluidsynth, or to any instrument plugin, external standalone or outboard sound module for that matter.



Thanks for the info. Do you know what the parameter is called on soundfonts to enable pitch bending? I can edit soundfonts on polyphone

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it's about the standard MIDI channel pitch-bend message; don't know what that translates on the SF2 specification...

however, you said it worked on other software: try to to compare on the very same subject please: same soundfont and instrument, plugin or standalone.


If you've been able to get qtractor to pitch bend using a linux soft synth I want to hear about it because I think it doesn't work. Not only does qtractor not implement the bend, but it completely skips the note that contains a bend. I have not tried creating a midi track and recording a pitch bend into the recording, but while importing midi files, it doesn't work PERIOD.

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please show some evidence: the MIDI file you're trying and claim that is not working; and the precise plugin or soft-synth and soundfont (.sf2) you're using. I'm sure we can look into it and see what and where is the problem you're facing. sincerely.

OTOH. MIDI notes per se doesn't contain any pitch-bend information whatsoever... pitch-bend are in fact separate event messages that apply to ALL notes that are possibly playing at one time on a given channel. It is responsibility of the instrument plugin or standalone soft-synth to apply and render the pitch deviation as whole to all active voicing oscillators; qtractor just writes the MIDI events into the plugin or instrument module as input, then routes the output audio PCM signal that is produced in due response to those MIDI messages.

If it is not working, or it seems not to, as you say, then it could be one of several reasons: a) there are no MIDI pitch-events on the file, track or channel; b) the instrument (or soundfont) is not coping, ignoring, missing or otherwise not sensitive to MIDI pitch-bend events. etc.


Ok.....I'm providing the exact midi file, and the exact soundfont. It doesn't have to be this exact soundfont, it doesn't work on any. For simplicity, we'll focus on the the track that defaults to channel 11 which is the lead guitar for the file Hotel California. Will not bend in fluidsynth or carla. Thanks.....

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hi, thanks for sharing the files.

well, just tested with a new qtractor session, import "Eagles_(The)_-_Hotel_California.mid", soloed track 6 on MIDI channel 12, while driving a qsynth instance with "xanadu_guitar.sf2"; hit play and listened, while watching in the MIDI clip editor piano-roll for the first occurrences to "Pitch Bend" events which only start appearing on bar 31 (~00:01:37) on-wards... see screenshot below.

long story short, it all played well as intended, meaning that, although subtle perhaps, the guitar note bends could be heard.


I wasn't using qsynth. This doesn't solve anything. It still doesn't work for me.


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