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Qtractor crashing on change track properties


I'm having frequently issue when changing track properties of a existing track. Just a simple rename of track or changing color makes qtractor crash. I find out sometimes confirming the operation with ctrl + enter avoids the crash but sometimes it doens't ctrl + enter doesn't work and I have to confirm with mouse. Any clue is that a bug or a problem of my distro? I'm using Ubuntu Studio 20.04 over Kubuntu. I've uninstalled Qtractor that comes with distro and builded myself, downloading the latest version from the source. No problems with dependencies

Update: I made a few more tests and it seems that only crash if I opened the track properties window with double-click. With left click / track properties seems to work fine until now

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hi, thanks for stopping by

can you please detail or describe what your track is or have in special, whether it's audio or MIDI, which input or output buses are there routed in and out, what plugins, etc. etc.

does it crash on any track or just some one in particular?
how often does it crash anyway?


UPDATE: ps. may you try building from the latest source in git head (>= ? it includes a fix that might, just might, reduce the likelihood to crash when changing some track properties. thanks

Hey, thank you so much for the answer and sorry for the delay. I'm using Qtractor in a production work right now so I'll prefer try the latest version like you suggest when I finish this job. But thanks for the advice
Actually, now it's working pretty fine. I find out that it works with Shift+F2 too so it only crashes when I open the track properties dialog with double click. Answering your questions: i'm using in a orchestral soundtrack project with 30 midi tracks, each one only with sfizz plugin loading the respective sfz instrument. Outputs are going direct to master. It crashed on any track, even without plugin. But, now I try to recreate crash and it seems don't crashing anymore. This happened when I was creating the template for starting the project and since then I don't really need to change track properties so much. But it is curious that it doens't crashing. Anyway, thanks for your time

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i believe issue is (was) on Track > Auto Monitor: if you turn that off, then crashes are a lot less likely to happen after you double-click to raise the track properties dialog and do some changes.

the latest version on git head (>= has it all fixed for good, hopefully ;)


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