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Midi keyboard play button is playing transport.

Got a problem where pressing the play sequencer button in my MIDI keyboard is playing the transport through qtractor aswell.

Instructions on how to change this? Or is this something that has to be done in the keyboards official control centre.

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it depends on what MIDI message is the keyboard sending out to qtractor when you hit "play sequence"... if could be MMC-Play or MIDI-Start (SPP) or even something else you may possibly have mapped to the menu Transport/Play command...

you can switch off either or both of the first in View > Options... > MIDI > Control > MMC or SPP set to "None" or "Output";

or you can turn on the Dedicated MIDI control input/output option and NOT connect your MIDI keyboard controller to of the "control" input port that will be created accordingly;

for the latter case, you'll need to go Help > Shortcuts and reset the MIDI controller setting to the Transport/Play menu action, if any.


SPP worked. Thanks.

I've noticed a bug where if a session crashes and is relaunched it get's stuck on a loading screen, until qtractor is forced quit, and the session is like that forever it seems. The only way I can get my session back is to stop the jack server, then this loading screen loads with with my session, and then I can start jack again.

I can provide video if u want, but it happens on different versions of qtractor, and on different debs.

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please refer only to latest release version onwards.

and yes, when qtractor crashes sometimes while under load and playback is rolling, jack2 gets stuck and the only way to recover is to stop or kill jackd (and/or jackdbus), which also may take a while, and then restart jack and the qtractor session.

it is more important then to identify the circumstances that in particular lead to the crash than looking what makes jack freeze in the immediate consequence to the crash.

can you tell or show what those are in your case?

cheers && happy new year!

Ah oops, I mean't distros not debs. But It seems to have resolved, possibly after upgrading to jack2. I'll let you know if it happens again, was on the latest version.

What does the freewheel button do in properties of a plug in, I couldn't find documentation.

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it relates or is provided by the plugin itself; qtractor does not impose any "freewheel" button on its premises afaik.


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