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Mute MIDI notes?

I'm always so jealous when I see my producer mute MIDI notes using Logic. Beyond notes in Piano Roll, I'm pretty sure he can do the same thing against clips in the Arranger view. I know this is not a traditional feature of MIDI so I'm wondering what makes it possible and if I've overlooked the functionality in Qtractor? My guess is that Logic is probably just manipulating Controller 7 values behind the scenes. Also, just to be clear, I'm definitely not talking about automation here but rather a quick and readily available operation to mute a note or notes and/or a section of notes at a clip level.

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no, there's no such feature in qtractor...

ther's only very temporary busy workarounds: you select a note (or group of notes) delete it (or them) before the play-head hits the time, and then you may just Undo to un-mute (and Redo to re-mute:))


OK, I understand. The best work around I've come up with is to make use of the duplicate track feature. That allows me to mute the source track and edit to taste knowing I have a backup. However, this reminds me of how many times I've gotten burned by the "linked clips" feature which seems to be baked in. I've learned the hard way to always make sure I unlink clips on the duplicated track before editing. Is there anything I can make use of to speed up that work flow? Perhaps a way to disable the auto linking or maybe lock a track in some way as to protect it from changes?

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you may only unlink one MIDI clip at a time, on menu Clip > Unlink


I've discovered a bit of a work-around that can be used to essentially accomplish this. By shortening a clip, notes are basically muted. It's a bit of a hack IMHO given the fact you have to ensure your clip is scoped (sized) to the exact area of interest. There's also the aspect of having to remember that the clip actually holds more data than it visually represents post resize (there's no visual indication of this). I'm also not sure what would be exported since I haven't gotten around to testing it yet. Assuming this is the closest thing to a real solution, perhaps I could suggest that a "shortened" clip either:

1) Doesn't actually get shortened at all and instead is just greyed out using slashes or lots of dots since we shouldn't actually rely on color. For
example, if I reduced a clip from the left side, the end result might look something like /////////////////_____________|. The "/"s make it clear there is data in that location.

2) The side of the clip that can be extended to show more data could use a different border? Realizing all clips are eligible to be expanded from either side makes it seem like option #1 is a better solution though.

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