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Feature request: Distinct WM_CLASS for Mixer Panel

Hello again,

It would be nice if the Mixer window reported a unique WM_CLASS value other than what is reported for the main Qtractor window. In my case, this would allow me to configure I3 to always use a particular workspace for the mixer.

Using xprop | grep WM_CLASS, both windows report the following:

WM_CLASS(STRING) = "qtractor", "Qtractor"

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you rather have some other X property do the trick:
why not for instance WM_NAME ("Mixer") and/or _NET_WM_NAME ("Mixer — Qtractor") ?

there are plenty of reasons for not doing any X11 hard-coding to Qt applications... so, no, sorry.


Oh, that's excellent. I completely overlooked that element.

Thanks for the tip.

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