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0.9.1 won't install a correctly made binary (patch enclosed)

At my site, `make install` (issued as root) stops with the following error, despite a successful build:

lupdate: could not find a Qt installation of ''
make: *** [Makefile:102: translations_lupdate] Error 1

This perplexing error message from `lupdate` seems to concern the provided translations (which personally I wouldn't use anyway).

Enclosed is a trivial patch for the Makefile to let `make` proceed with the installation.

I'm on Devuan Linux/amd64, GNU Make 4.2.1, Qt 5.11.3 ... more specs on request if needed.

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on Debian-like systems, which I believe Devuan is one, you should install the qttools5-dev-tools package,
then retry with make install and everything will be alright...


Hello and thanks for your reply. I installed the package you mention, but I still get the same error while trying to `make install` qjackctl this time (as with qsynth, the build itself succeeds).

In both cases, the `make install` output contains a bunch of errors like this:

install: cannot stat 'src/translations/qsynth_XX.qm': No such file or directory

So maybe I'm missing some Qt program that makes .qm files from .ts files (I know nothing about Qt so I'm guessing). If that's the case, the `configure` script should probably check for that program and IMO disable translation support if it's missing (thus allowing for an installation without translations).

In the end, I went with the same workaround: alter the Makefile to ignore the error and carry on.

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they are lupdate and lrelease and should be provided in qttools5-dev-tools package, please check it out.

have you restarted the builds from a clean slate, after installing the qttools5-dev-tools? you should! try this:

./ clean
./configure ...
sudo make install


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