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Auburn Panagement 2 Issue in Qtractor, but not Ardour

In Ardour the PlugIn's GUI of Auburn Panagement 2 offers a list in upper line of the GUI window's items to choose a preset from. It's a combo box with a list within. In this upper line of the GUI window's items there's some more items.

None of these combo box / items are visible in Qtractor when opening the GUI. Perhaps just a redraw problem (wrong x,y coords) ?


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are you talking about proper Ardour's window frame that shows on *every* plugin own GUI, which in Ardour's case, is embedded in that frame ?

qtractor doesn't show (nver did, never will) show this top frame... you can however show its generic UI (plugin/Properties...) in alternative and simultaneously (which Ardour can't:))


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...besides, if you right-click on the LV2 plugin entry on the mixer strip and hover on "Preset" you'll see the factory ones.

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That does the trick!

Thanks! :)

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