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Qtractor 0.9.22 freezing


When duplicating tracks Qtractor freezes if there's a Win VST plugin added to the track. I didn't test all Win VST plugins by now, but experienced this on Alien Space Weaver plugin. Tracks with LV2 plugin added seem to duplicate fine.

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most probably it is crashing, but you see it freezing...

what facilitator or bridge are you using to load those WinVST's (besides wine) ? what happens if you switch or use another wrapper/helper bridge for just that ?

you should/must know that qtractor doesn't support WinVST's at least directly for sure... nor indirectly :) maybe you better ask for clues over the bridge developer instead?


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Yes, I see it's freezing.

The duplicated track appears in the track list, but its parts don't. The part of the GUI main window that shows parts won't update / refresh. Mouse pointer shows "busy wheel" but nothing else happens after that. I load Win VST plugins via Carla plugin host, version 2.0.

What else is existing to substitute Carla / to load Win VST plugins?

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LinVST, airwave, yabridge... to name a few... each one has its own idiosyncrasies...
not everything works on everything all the time...

as always YMMV.

Without a doubt, Carla Rack is by far the best winVST bridge! It's got a great UX, is stable, and is regularly updated.

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