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Editing/updating Translation Files


I'm currently updating the translation file, qtractor_de.ts, as in my DE interface there's still a lot of text/info in EN.
Are you interested in an updated version of qtractor_de.ts?
If so, how would I submit this to you?
Would I need to use git/pull-request or whatever (still don't have an account yet)?


After editing the translation file, I need to compile Qtractor each time completely.
Is there a way to just to compile the translation files?
If so, how would I do that?


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hi, a PR would be of course recommended but you can send the qtractor_de.ts file as is in an email attachment, that would be also fine.
also need tell your name to be added to the TRANSLATORS listing.

as to update the target translation file (qtractor_de.qm) you may try running

lrelease qtractor_de.ts


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