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Instruments / .sf2 files


When I'm adding .sf2 files to the instruments list, I don't get any sound unless I'm using a plugin like Calf Fluidsynth.
I'm thinking of compatibility to edit songs in Qtractor in different operating systems.
E.g. Calf Fluidsynth doesn't always work in different operating systems I use.
In my ArtStudio64 (bionic64 based) it works very well, but in my ArtStudioX64 (XFCE/Fossa64 based) it crashes immediately.
My current version of Fluida doesn't keep the loaded .sf2 file persistent.
Qsampler and Linux Sampler having also some issues related to keep loaded .sf2 files.
Having a properly working .sf2 player builtin to Qtractor would be the "Sahnehäubchen" in Qtractor.

Any chance to have a builtin .sf2 player in Qtractor at one day???

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hi, when adding .sf2 to the View > Instruments... dialog you're only telling that there will be some human readable names (for MIDI banks and programs, instead of magical numbers) that some instrument, plugin, internal soft or external hardware (outboard) are going to understand when switching presets, yeah, that's only going to happen via MIDI bank_select (CC#0, CC#32) and/or program_change (PC#) messages. you now know what :)

it doesn't bring any sounding instrument into play whatsoever (how could?)--it's just a convenience for you, to select and switch presets by name on-the-fly, on a MIDI Track Properties dialog or main menu Track > Instrument > etc. in the good old way of Cakewalk Pro Audio series, the predecessor of Sonar while in the late century era;)...

and no, qtractor won't ever have any built-in instrument player, of any kind nor genre--it is a sequencer, for x sake: you may use whatever instruments you like best... however the problems you report about different machines are most probably a concern of different and misaligned system and/or plugin shared libraries; notoriously, this is the case for the Calf-suite (and some old others...)

in this brave (GNU/Linux) world you just have to pay attention and care that all components are (or have been built/compiled) to the very same standards; yeah I kown it's a curse and a PITA; it has been for quite a while and it won't get solved soon anyhow. sorry.


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