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Bounce Stereo Track to Mono

I feel that this must be something simple that I'm missing. I have a stereo track that I need to bounce into a mono track. What are the steps to do this? Thank you.

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hi, you have two options, both involve either a new mono input or output bus:
1. bounce (record) into a new track assigned to the (new) mono input bus;
2. assign the track to a mono output bus (*), select all clips in track and do Clip > Merge... : the resulting file should be a mono version of the track.
(*) albeit temporarily, just for the thing ;)

Ok! Thanks for clarifying. I ended up using Audacity; it has an option to split the stereo track, delete the unneeded one, and re-export into mono. Because you've made it so easy to edit in Qtractor, I just point the clip path to the new mono wav. I appreciate your help!

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