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The big limitation, in my own words.

Here is a video discussion that I recently made, making the case for a feature adjustment and explaining why it is important for real-life prospective users and music creators.

Don't shoot the messenger ;-)
I am a faithful user no matter what!


Carl Irwin

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hi Carl, thanks for your support and kind thoughts... really appreciate that

now, let me do what I usually do, which is like dodging the big questions around :)

if JACK is considered a major hindrance then you probably wish to know about PipeWire that's coming up steady and nicely along to replace PulseAudio and JACK altogether. And it will also handle with video streams too: the true Graal of Linux A/V

unless you're a dang-low-latency-freak, yeah, PW might be just what the doctor ordered ;)


ps. look there's even one spinoff specially dedicated solely to PW, which is yours trully qpwgraph. wish you all the best

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