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Problem with punch in/out and loop recording


using qtractor here via PPA.

I created a punch in/out section and a wider loop around it (see screenshot).
Then I start recording several takes to decide which of my playing sucks less.
When I press stop IN or AFTER the punch zone all is fine. Several takes are stored.
But when I press stop BEFORE the punch zone all takes are lost, no clip is shown.

Can someone confirm this behaviour, is this intended? I lost several takes by pressing stop at the wrong time and hope there is a fix.

A further wish just for convenience: not only the last take but also the take before (last-1) should be choosable as the default take.


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wholysh*t! BUG confirmed exactly as you report: all recording is lost if you stop while playhead is between loop-start and punch-in, after at least one cycle.
terribly bonkers! this must have been lurking there ever since inception :( sorry.

think I'll have sth to do this holiday season (read new "lockdown") after all :)
cheers && thanks

Hi Rui,

thanks for looking into the problem. No need for an apology, I am happy to contribute at least a little bit.

Happy Holidays,


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thanks a lot for your help, merry wholydays! ;)

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hi, qtractor >= might have nailed it, hopefully!

awe, it seemed too dang easy to spot and fix this nasty old bugger, just a one-liner though :(, so I'd probably ask you to grab some patience and harness this with bogus recordings and takes and report back any more 0-day findings :)

cheers && merry x-mas


a short testing with both MIDI and audio recording worked fine here, thanks a lot. :-)
I will do a more thorough testing in the next days.

Merry christmas


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