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MIDI controller learn or manual map

Hi, I am new here, I just started using Qtractor on UBUNTU 20.04, it works great, But there is one problem that I find inconvenient, I have a Arturia BeatStep Pro midi controller/sequencer, I want to use it to control transport and stop and recording of Qtractor, but I can't find how to set it in the Qtractor'manual, I also tried find in Menu-Controller but I have not found any place can setup transport and stop, Can some give me some hints? It would be best if there is a MIDI learn function so that I can get the most out of my BeatSetp Pro, if there is no MIDI learn function I would like the most basic transport/stop and record functions to be mapped to my BeatStep Pro.

Any advice is will be appreciated.

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hi, welcome

reach out to Help > Shortcuts..., column MIDI Controller.

or you could configure your BeatStep to send MMC commands resp. which are the default in qtractor for transport actions.


Hi, thanks for you reply, my problem has been solved. When I was preparing to set the shortcut according to your prompt, I found that Qtactor has already recognized the PLAY and STOP button of my BeatStep Pro without any settings. In the Qtractor's MIDI message info window I saw the following message:

... etc

I don't know why this couldn't be done before, but now it's working, which is great. Thanks again for your help.

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