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The Vee Ones migrated to

It's now official: the once called proto-toys have migrated to their deserved and definitive hosting location, now making them as full blown projects of mine and perhaps, dropping their sarcastic mockup statuses. So sorry for the inconvenience :)

Please, pay special attention that, as a matter of unique LV2 identification, their URI have changed to something now considered definitive. This will surely break something, as newer LV2 plugin builds will get eventually missed by some LV2 host sessions which refer to any of the previous LV2 plugin URI incarnations (read Qtractor, Ardour3 and probably others...).

Though, if you dare and have the will and the patience, chances are you may edit & hack your session files by hand, and before it's too late, there is what: where it has been once written as

it will be, sooner than later,


Well. The honorable LV2 gurus may know how to map an old, now seriously deprecated LV2 plugin URI, into the new official and engraving ones, as alternate aliases or something like that. If that's even possible I'll be glad to hear.

Make no mistake. Preset files are unaffected by this move. They will work and sound the same (hopefully) no matter whether you run the JACK stand-alone client application or the LV2 plugin.

On the other news, I must also inform you BTW, that all my other projects hosted on have been there upgraded and most importantly changed their subversion repositories URL (SVN) as a notable side-effect. Please grab the new ones from respective websites and update your pointers, if you care. The older ones, while operational still, are now stalled. That means they won't reflect a single line of code change from latest and coming developments.

You've been warned notified ;)



Thanks heaps for this Rui, you're a champion. Samplv1 especially is filling a big hole at the moment - quality sampling as an LV2 plugin. Awesome.

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