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Can't adjust volume of midi tracks in mixer?

I have midi tracks with Calf Monosynth and Calf Organ on them. Everything seems to work just fine until I adjust the volume slider on the tracks in the mixer window. Nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

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the MIDI volume (and panning) slider on MIDI track mixer strips act specifically as dedicated MIDI channel controllers CC#7 for volume (and CC#10 for panning), so their effect actually depend on the receiving MIDI instrument or plugin implementation.

that said, it all depends whether Calf Monosynth or Calf Organ recognizes and reacts itself to each of the MIDI channel controllers just mentioned (CC#7 or CC#10).

i can't confirm it atm. but not all MIDI instruments or plugins have that controller mapping set by design or default, so that you won't see any response or effect while changing the volume sliders on the MIDI track / channel they're inserted into.


looks like midi bus mixer strips sends sysex messages, not CC (#7/#10)

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that's right. since day one, MIDI output buses do send GM master volume or panning messages, which are sysex messages indeed (aka. GM System Universal messages).


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I tried fiddling with the "MIDI controller" menu of the track (|( I only want the volume fader of the track to actually control the volume of the instrument) but while I know what QTractor ( sends, I have no clue about what Monosynth (calf-plugins 0.0.19) receives. And franckly I cannot imagine that Calf decided to change the parameter numbers their plugins receive.
I made a lot of songs using Monosynth tracks in Qtractor and never experience that PB ; what could have happened to either of those entities (Qtractor, Monosynth, and I) ?
I'm very sad at the idea of not using calf Monosynth anymore... The other plugins I tried seem to work (but ONE misbehaving strip on the console, and the whole mixing experience is ruined).

Very loosely related : Does anybody know how to use Qtractor on Unity and still see the toggle status of the track controls ? (Record / Mute / Solo)

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maybe not related to Unity on itself but to the general qt4 widget style in use on gtk based environments.

try the
qtractor -style -plastique
you'll get better results, i hope. it's also the recommended workaround when midi input inexplicably stops to work usually after you're opening any of the common file browser dialogs. so that, as they say, you kill two rabbits with just one stick :)


You can use the "Learn Midi Assignement" in the volume knob of your plugin, and then playing the QTractor channel fader. It will work great for Helm, for example, but also the Calf instruments as well.

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Thank you very much for your quick answer, Rui. The plastique style option does indeed solve all the graphical issues. But the volume faders continue to ignore what I'm telling them to do. I just open the session using "open last..." avoiding the file dialogs. I'm going to investigate further.

Has anyone got this to work with Calf plugins? I am also experiencing the same issue with a DSSI VST synth. Would love to work on getting this resolved since I am currently mixing with the plugin volume knobs!

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as posted before, if the Calf plugin you're using doesn't recognize MIDI CC#7 for volume (CC#10 for panning) as from elder GM standard, then yes, you're left with proper plugin controls as you say. qtractor's midi track sliders won't do a thing for you. sorry.


Thanks for the reply. Suppose that the plugin did expose some interface that allowed you to assign CC numbers to various knobs/sliders. In theory, would this allow the slider to work?


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