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QTractor - feature request

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Evening all have a feature request, possible to add "Track icon" like some other DAW's we know about ;)

Please check my added image in post

I would love to have just a some track icon perhaps at the same location of track color or tracknr
maybe to start with just a general icon for wav, midi, etc and in the future possibility to add custom track icons


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you request has been noted. sorry for the quiet response :)


Thank you hoping for implementation soon ;) cheers

Hi sorry to bring this up again but i really would love a track icon to be added
for example when selecting new track where you select color you also perhaps could add pre images of piano/drums/mic/wav/etc
would be so great with a simple bling like that ;)


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sorry for being so lame. mea culpa solo :)

ok. you must know that i ain't that eager to cook and sugar up for eye-candy, whatever.

but you probably can! and most probably do it for fun. let's try a brand new git branch if you're on this. let's call it "xicon"... done.

there you can opt and propose some pull-requests, either from or github. your call :)

i can and may well teach you where to do it all the way! you'll have to learn some c++ and qt gui idioms then you're hired to the task :) unless you already have all it takes ofc.

don't get me wrong, i'm willing to help you to help me!


[UPDATE] there are news on git head's xicon branch:
still rough in the edges, please test and tell.

now, about your call and possible contribution

on the new track properties icon button--as is now seen to the right of track name entry text field--one can make it a drop-down menu in near future with standard/generic icon pictures on drums, guitar, bass-guitar, piano, synth, whatever

it's now your call

nb. any of those pictures should be originals, provided they are drawn or own by you or whom else willing to donate his/her pix-art rights preferably on a CC-BY or public domain basis--you know the drill.

note that the proposed pictures will get into source tree (eg. under src/images/... and hard code referred as ":/images/..." as a source code resource level).

so choose wisely :)

[UPDATE 2] i'm certainly feeling some kinda deep boredom, otherwise i wouldn't make it all for you.
i'm also sure that's all about it now :)

omg! am i the only one or is this thing freaking looking like GB? :S

Wow im certenly gonna try and learn c++ and qt gui :D
however i have to wait until weekend, love your work sofar :P


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as from today, the "xicon" branch has been merged to "master", now making it sure it will get featured on next dot release (qtractor v0.7.4.12+)


Ok think i love you right now, opensource rocks ;) Or atleast all the great work you doing
But to be serius im gonna try and learn coding so i can contribute some to.


This will really help me alot when having lots of instruments, and song tracks (better overview) :D

Trying to compile for the first time on Debian, hope i get it corrent ;)

Dear Rui,

I'm trying to get used to Qtractor at the moment, and I have a huge problem getting started. While I understand that it might be up to the user to sort out connections to JACK, I find it an enormous hindrance that no template or instrument is included, and no links to such vital resources seem provided (please correct me if I'm wrong).

At the moment, it's impossible for me to check if Qtractor is working because despite it receiving MIDI data, I hear no sound because I don't have ANY instrument or effects available, and Qtractor didn't even ask me where I might have put them.

I guarantee Qtractor would gain a huge following if functionality could be checked right away with basic drums / piano. There must be some open source instruments available, but I'm having a hard time finding them.

On a side note, it doesn't seem like using the mouse to create MIDI files is an option, but not everyone who wants to make music is equipped with a MIDI master keyboard.

I hope I'll sort out my present problems and start working soon,

Thanks a lot for your work and for thinking about your users ;)

Best regards,



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