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note-ons working great, missing some note-offs

I have set up qmidinet between two devices, it is working quite well, except :-) A keyboard controller is plugged into a Yamaha UX16 USB-MIDI, which is then plugged into device 1; device 1 is networked to device 2; device 2 receives the MIDI events and executes them. Note-on events always seem to be caught and run. Note-offs sometimes get missed, maybe one in 10 or so. Any suggestions?


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i'd suggest you to monitor the MIDI reception on device 2 using aseqdump or kmidimon; if note-offs are actually being lost at any rate, try to monitor the sending MIDI device 1 as well.

also try separate tests with qmidinet configured the same way on each end-point to one and only MIDI driver, either JACK or ALSA but not both.


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