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Hot Pick Revisited

I must have been terribly busy to miss this one earlier. Or at least completely away from this Earth. It was only yesterday, more than two months later when doing some course browsing over some past magazines, that I've stumbled with joy over one of those, quite by chance though. Surprisingly enough, given that I've the magazine in matter since this late Summer,,my dearest project has been granted a very graceful review from, once again, the Linux Format UK's best-selling Linux magazine. Yes, just half a year later from being the Hottest Pick, Qtractor is now a Hot Pick Revisited on this late August 2008 issue (LXF108). Awe!

The reviewed version is now old enough, The Frugal Damsel (qtractor 0.1.3) but I must reckon that it is indeed a fair leap from the previous incarnation which was elected against a pre-release version. Now it's my confession that I'm found drooling all over the good and kind words in this pick article. Yes, once again.

Cheers LXF.UK and sorry for being so retarded :)~


It's nice to see Qtractor make the Linux Format Hot Pick. Really nice in fact! You certainly deserve it.

Years ago, I once had a review in Amiga Format magazine for some simple home automation software I wrote using MUI and Arexx. It was such a good feeling seeing that. I would have never known, but a friend living in England scanned it and emailed it to me. :)

Keep up the great work on this wonderful piece of software we call QTractor. :)

P.S. You may want to mention that the CAPTCHA when posting is case sensitive. It took me a few tries before I got it right.


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But if you can read the article you can also check that you are also involved :) It is there said and shown that the documentation (ie. the manual you wrote) is one of the best if not better than other commercial offerings (or something like that:). So you also deserve it too :) Congratulations to you too!

P.P.S. Yes the CAPTCHA is case sensitive, but as a registered user you shouldn't had to comply with that checking. Strange. [UPDATE:] fixed now: captcha is not required for authenticated users anymore. I hope.

Sadly, I cannot read the article. Subscribers only. Anyway.....WOW, That is Very Cool and an incredible compliment! Thanks!


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